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Health Site Glitch Prevents New Accounts


The latest glitch on the site is keeping Americans from enrolling for coverage on the last official day to sign up under the Affordable Care Act this year.

Investors Want Some Get-Up-and-Grow


A hot IPO market and heady tech valuations are sending strong signals about what investors want. But many companies haven’t caught on yet.

U.S. to Require Rear-Visibility Technology in Vehicles


U.S. safety regulators said auto makers will be required to install rear-visibility technology in all new vehicles starting in May 2018.

Intel’s Cloudera Investment Totals $740 Million


Intel is investing $740 million into Cloudera Inc., a Silicon Valley Big Data startup, as part of a deal announced last week.

Three essential tools for solving the worst Wi-Fi headaches


Thanks to improvements to routers and network management software, connecting to Wi-Fi is vastly easier than it used to be.A But that doesn’t mean the experience is seamless quite yet. Even now you can still run into problems like poor signal quality, dropped connections, lack of public hotspots, and slow speeds.

Where's the touch-first Office for Windows?


When Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad on Thursday, neither CEO Satya Nadella nor the company said much of anything about a similar touch version for Windows 8.1. Analysts expect that to change this week.

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