Monthly Archives: June 2014’s Google Whack Looks Overdone


Competing directly with Google is a threat to, but it has strengths of its own—not the least being a reasonable valuation.

Microsoft’s Top Lawyer Slams Secret Surveillance Court


The company’s lead attorney adds to mounting corporate criticism of the country’s national security legal-review regime. Slumps As Google Tests Competing Service

post Group shares tumbled 20% as Google said it has begun to test a competing domain registration service that could undercut’s prices.

Health Data at Hand, With Trackers


A growing number of physicians are studying whether activity-tracking devices and other “wearables” can improve patients’ health by spurring better habits.

Startup Nutanix Leans on Dell to Reach More Data Centers


Nutanix is one of many Silicon Valley startups hoping to shake up corporate computer rooms. But it is attracting considerable attention, with Dell the latest to take an interest.

Nest to Share User Information With Google for the First Time


Nest Labs is set to share some user information with corporate parent Google for the first time since its February acquisition.

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