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Why BlackBerry Is a Hit in Indonesia


BlackBerry Ltd. may be struggling to regain relevance in the global smartphone market, but its instant messaging is still a hit in Indonesia.

Pentagon Deploys Cyberweapons Against Islamic State


The U.S. military is using new digital weapons to try to neutralize Islamic State’s ability to communicate, control forces and manage finances in Syria and Iraq, top Pentagon officials said.

U.S., EU Release Text of Data-Privacy Agreement


U.S. and European Union officials published new details of a hard-fought data-privacy accord agreed to earlier this month, adding new grist to political wrangling in Europe about the proposed agreement.

Female Startups in New York City Increase


A new report finds that New York City has a growing number of female startups. But the firms founded by women lag behind male startups in the total amount of investment received.

Napatech Tries an FPGA Approach to NFV Performance


The NIC vendor is trying something new with its NFV work-in-progress.

Akamai Discloses Internal Probe Into Bribery Allegations


Akamai reiterated Monday that it was conducting an internal investigation into the Internet technology company’s sales practices in a country outside the U.S., including whether employees may have violated U.S. antibribery laws.

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