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Tax Breaks for Twitter Bring Benefits and Criticism


A Twitter-funded community center in San Francisco is a result of tech-company tax breaks that are helping revitalize the Tenderloin district but also drawing criticism for exacerbating the city’s lack of affordable housing.

The Digital Assistant Cortana Has a One-Track Mind: Microsoft


Cortana no longer can use non-Microsoft browsers or search engines in fulfilling user requests on Windows 10, the software giant said Thursday.

Chinese Tech Firms Charge Into Electric Cars


Internet companies like Tencent and Baidu have been leading the innovation drive in electric cars, as some in the broader industry believe conventional auto makers don’t have the creative chops.

SDxCentral Weekly News Roundup — April 29, 2016


VMware’s head of public cloud efforts is leaving the company.

Intel Discontinues Some Chips for Mobile Devices


Intel Corp. is discontinuing some chips for mobile devices, the latest sign of a recent strategy shift to focus on fields where the company is more likely to make money.

Dear Laptop: Please Say That in English


Various software keeps sending Joe Queenan cryptic messages. Wouldn’t it be nice if companies respected customers enough to explain what they’re saying?

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