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Quantifying Benefits of Network Virtualization in the Data Center


Network virtualization for the data center promises to improve service agility, simplify network operations, and reduce capital expenditures. One of the biggest challenges for IT professionals is to quantify the return-on-investment required to justif…

Perceptions of NFV Hype and Reality


cisco-nfv-hype-vs-reality-article “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception,” wrote Aldous Huxley. That could be a description of the evolving tension between the perceptions of hype and reality of the NFV market as it enters its important phase of commercialization.

The Future of Merchant Silicon and Network Virtualization


software-subtrate-for-network-virtualization-article The threat of white box switches has cast a shadow over big network equipment vendors for years, as the combination of Moore’s Law and economies of scale provides merchant switch silicon an overwhelming price/performance advantage over proprietary platforms.

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