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HPE Spins Off Its Enterprise Services Business


CSC and ES plan to merge into a $26B behemoth.

Blue Planet Goes With a DevOps Approach


A new toolkit allows in-house customization of Blue Planet.

DemoFriday with Netronome & Ericsson: Improve Performance & Flexibility of Telco NFV with Intelligent Server Adapters


Achieve up to 5X lower TCO for SDN and NFV applications with hardware-based acceleration of virtual switch processing.

Brocade Webinar Q&A – Complete Transformation of Mobile Networks Through Innovative Brocade Virtual EPC Solutions


Thanks to all who submitted questions to the Brocade Mega NFV Report Report Pt 2 where we learned about innovative Brocade vEPC solutions.

Amdocs Builds an NFV Orchestrator


The orchestrator integrates with Amdocs OSS/BSS.

HPE, Intel & F5 vCPE DemoFriday Q&A: Layer 4-7 Virtualization & Network Agility


HPE-Intel-F5-vCPE-DemoFriday-QA The archive for the first of the partner ecosystem series event is live! Take a look at the HPE & Intel webinar. Thank you for joining us in this journey with the  HPE partner ecosystem event series. This is only the beginning of this series of webinars & DemoFriday brought to you by the HPE Open  NFV &… Read more →

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