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Featured White Paper: Software-Defined WANs Answer the IT Demands of the Cloud-Based Ecosystem


Cloud-Based-Ecosystem-SD-WAN-Nuage-White-Paper Download Nuage SD-WAN White Paper Now + BONUS Infographic: Addressing the growing demands of today’s cloud-based environments.

Featured Report: How to Translate New Capabilities into New Revenues with “Telco Cloud”


New HPE report breaks down how a telco cloud can help generate new revenues. Read more.

Nuage Networks White Paper: How to Accelerate Docker Container Networking Tasks with SDN and Policy-Based Automation


Container-Based-Applications-Nuage-Networks-White-Paper Explore the solutions the Nuage VSP & Docker offer to connect the networking environment to container-based applications with this white paper.

HPE White Paper: Ditch Workflow-Driven OSS Orchestration with HPE’s New Approach for Hybrid Networks


Hybrid-Networks-HPE-White-Paper Learn about HPE’s original approach to OSS transformation in hybrid environments & support next-generation levels of agility. Check out this new HPE white paper!

OpenStack Foundation NFV Report: Global Telecoms Accelerate NFV Delivery


OpenStack for NFV will be production-ready in 2016 based on development blueprints of documented telecom, OPNFV, and ETSI NFV requirements.

Citrix White Paper: Cisco ACI & Citrix NetScaler Accelerate Application Deployment & Propel Agile Application-Driven Networks


Citrix outlines a joint solution with Cisco that provides a flexible way to link network services to applications, improving security, and accelerating application deployment.

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