Atlantic IT Group is an advisory and solutions firm that provides IT consulting and advanced system integration for emerging IT technologies, including security, hardware, systems, software and DevOps.

You can count on our team to provide security infrastructure and data center network integration services to address your future technology needs, business process IT architecture philosophy, simulate your virtual network for risk mitigation/interoperability and ensure your IT migration success.




Architecture, zero-trust security, implementation, migration, compliance and IT risk management services



Security, SDN, NFV, OpenStack, OpenDaylight, OpenFlow and Cloud



Network architecture, vendor testing, zero-trust security microsegmentation, data center design, PS implementation, DevOps and security infrastructure



Strategic business alliances, vendor partnerships, IT business process improvement, financial IT risk management and security intelligence center


Atlantic IT Group provides strategic consulting for all stages of your business’ IT infrastructure for next-generation advancement. We’re the industry’s leaders in the architecture of highly advanced security and open infrastructure systems.

We’ll begin by assessing your current IT security and open source readiness. We’ll then model your exact IT infrastructure in a virtual machine environment for testing and validation.

Our partnership begins by assessing your current IT cyber security and SDN/NFV readiness. As your trusted partner we’ll model your exact IT infrastructure in a virtual machine environment for interoperability and validation.

Through this process, you’ll benefit from the ability to design your IT architecture evolution from its existing multi-vendor IT state to a customized, cyber secured, open programmable dynamic system. This dynamic DevOps enabled infrastructure creates superior IT business improvements and collaboration, quantified cyber security risk, communication, hardware cost reductions and long-term IT risk-management.





We serve as your architects in the implementation and migration from your current IT infrastructure to future-state cyber secured next-generation platforms, including:

SDN, NFV, OpenFlow, OpenStack and OpenDaylight.

Atlantic provides you with the most experienced engineering, architecture software tools and professional services to assist your strategic evaluation, implementation and operational methodology of your next-generation cyber security and advanced infrastructure technologies.

We’ve worked with all the new technologies, evaluated emerging technology manufacturers on their innovations, and paved the way repeatedly by creating new business models that exemplify what others need to do to thrive in the IT security and infrastructure industry. When you need to plan, improve, upgrade, advance and implement new technology, Atlantic IT Group is here to help you every step of the way.





Offering you best-in-market Cyber security micro-segmentation, data center and cloud architecture services.

Providing you with legacy to next-generation system integration services for MPLS, SDN, NFV, OpenStack, OpenDaylight, OpenFlow and optical networking.

As previous founders and owners of some of the largest technology integrators, Atlantic IT Group is the leading full-service network consultancy and top partner for many networking and IT manufacturers. You can depend on our leaders to help address even your most complex business architecture advancements.

Advancing IT Infrastructure Picture



As your partner, you’ll gain access to our wide range of affiliate companies and strategic alliances.

These alliances provide you with superior access to industry leaders to support your development of advanced technologies, manage strategic investments, simplify your IT model, reduce business risk and implement software tools to perform cyber security risk analysis while providing you with the best-in-class engineering and DevOps experience.

With more than 20 years of experience in IT and business, our team has generated an impressive portfolio of partners, customers, associates and employees that make up Atlantic IT Group’s broad and global network of experts. As a team, we provide advanced engineering services and technology affiliations to help simplify the process of adoption and implementation of your global IT cyber security and next-generation architecture strategy.



"With real world experience, we build teams that support strategic company and customer goals while driving profitable growth."

Focused Industries




"Our business is contributing ideas along with proven methodologies to support the alignment of your physical business process and procedure to technology."

About Us

Our entrepreneurial founders have been working with Fortune 1000 companies, large service providers, education and government for the last 20 years, helping them adopt new technologies, improve their network and systems performance, select vendors, minimize risk, and pair up with the right engineering partners and talent.

Their personal experiences include launching, building, buying and selling companies, investing, migrating cultures, accounting, leadership, staff, branding, sales, products, services, and opportunities. Needless to say our success, experience, learnings, and professional network creates an environment where employees thrive and customers win.

Through strategic advising, delivering solutions, opening doors and creating connections, Atlantic IT Group can help make things happen for you.


"All business leaders, not just entrepreneurs, need strategic IT advising, evaluation and guidance to support the implementation of advanced technology solutions."


How Do We Drive New Revenues?

Where Do We Go For the Talent We Need?

How Do We Find Innovative Solutions to Technology Demands?

Where Can I Turn For Mentorship and Advice?

As a department head, investor or entrepreneur, you know that the answers to these questions are not always clear. Let Atlantic IT Group partner with you.

Atlantic IT Group is an advisory and solutions firm that provides strategic consulting and innovative solutions. We help customers and colleagues attack current business and technology concerns, kick-off innovative technology solutions, and leverage investments, new talent and new opportunities. Together, we develop and invest in systems and software that drive success.

“Putting the right talent together is essential to increase sales, build a valuable brand, and foster innovation.”


As our network of technical experts keeps growing, so does your team of experts and advisors.

With over a century of combined experience in IT and business, our associates have generated an impressive portfolio of partners, customers, associates and employees that make up Atlantic IT Group’s broad and global network of experts. As a team, we help put our customers in the best possible position for success, growth and profitability.

Our Founders

Steve Fazio & Ryan Young

Industry leaders, IT entrepreneurs and founders, Steve Fazio and Ryan Young continue
to push the IT industry forward with their companies, strategic advising and resources.

Here is a timeline of their industry achievements:

In 2002,
Steve and Ryan write business plans for VARs (Value-Added Reseller) focused on network engineering consulting. They leverage Steve’s experience launching and managing Exenet Technologies, a $40M network consultancy and Ryan’s telecommunications, sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience.

In 2006,
They launch TorreyPoint and Atlantic IT Group at the best-in-class level with bootstrap funds. During this time, the network infrastructure sector of technology was gaining large momentum with Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and Alcatel Lucent all making strides. TorreyPoint’s main technology partner, Juniper Networks, began to see significant growth combined with a lack of technical resources to deliver their products and solutions. TorreyPoint was first to envision and build a JNPR focused engineering and VAR business model.

In 2007,
Steve and Ryan celebrate their impressive win of a major international airport with Atlantic IT Group, and the team begins to build this new optical network with Cisco Systems.

In 2008,
TorreyPoint takes off running, growing consecutively each quarter and demanding full attention of Steve and Ryan. They receive Partner of the Year honors from several networking manufacturers and industry recognition from the media in less than three years. TorreyPoint launches Managed Services to assist and extend their relationships with their customers.

In 2009,
TorreyPoint ranks as one of the fastest growing networking technology consulting businesses in the US. Major industry customers and top talent come knocking on TorreyPoint’s doors to partner and work together.

In 2010,
Steve and Ryan fund, and later purchase, Defigo Systems to address the growing need of security focused solutions.

In 2011,
Steve and Ryan partner with Jeremy Humphrey to launch Kore-Tek, a key optical resource and engineering company, to address the optical network engineering needs of their customers.

In 2012,
Steve and Ryan purchase Proteus Networks, the award-winning leader in network education services and advanced network architecture and engineering and appoint Doug Marschke as CTO of TorreyPoint and Andy Green as EVP of Proteus Networks.

In 2013,
TorreyPoint is positioned as a full-service network consultancy providing value-added consulting (VAC) from the top network engineers in the world. With revenues peaking at $65M, Steve and Ryan sell TorreyPoint to FishNet Security to compliment and advance FishNet’s professional services and network infrastructure solutions.

In 2014,
Steve and Ryan focus on what they do best – creating success, making things happen and providing customers with strategic consulting and advanced technology solutions – all with Atlantic IT Group.

In 2015,
Atlantic IT Group continues to make strategic investments into the technology industry focused around emerging next-generation technologies including SDN, NFV, OpenSource and Security.


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